10 famous phrases of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte

Santo Domingo.- One day like today, but in 1813 (204 years ago), Juan Pablo Duarte, founder of the Dominican Republic was born. Who, together with Matías Ramón Mella and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, began the liberating process that achieved separation from the national territory on February 27, 1844, after 22 years of Haitian occupation.

Duarte was born on January 26, 1813 in Santo Domingo. His parents were Juan José Duarte, a native of Vejer, a Spanish province of Cadiz, and Manuela Díez Jiménez, a native of El Seibo, daughter of Spanish father and mother Creole.

To remember this important date we will share 10 of his famous phrases:

"Our country must be free and independent of all foreign power or the island sinks."

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<p> "God has to grant me enough strength not to descend to the grave without leaving my country free, independent and triumphant." </p>
<div class= "There are words that by the ideas they reveal attract our attention and attract our sympathies towards the beings who pronounce them."

"Let us work for and for our country, which is to work for our children and for ourselves."

"The Government must be fair and energetic … Or we will have Patria and consequently neither freedom nor national independence."

"The slave supports his fate although he opprobriates his sad life; But the free prefers death to the opprobrium of such existence. "

"Living without Homeland is the same as living without honor."

"How sad, long and tired, how distressing way, the Divine Entity points to the unfortunate exile."

"The Nation is obliged to preserve and protect by means of wise and just laws the personal, civil and individual freedom as well as the property and other legitimate rights of all the individuals that compose it."

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<p> "As long as the traitors are not scorned as they should, the good and true Dominicans will be the victims of their machinations." </p>
<p> Anthem to Duarte 
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