Santo Domingo .- The Council of Judicial Power (CPJ) adopted a series of measures to achieve greater speed of the processes that are in The courts of the country, as part of the execution of a National Plan against the Judicial Moor.

Among the measures taken by CPJ, presided over by Judge Mariano Germán Mejía, is that courts of court order at the time of hearings should do so with a minimum interval of one month and a maximum of two months, applicable to all Materials.

"In the case of referral processes, postponements in this matter should not exceed two days, unless mutually agreed parties prefer a longer term," he says.

The resolution establishes that the Commissions of Follow-up to the Administration of Justice will watch over the faithful fulfillment of this measure, for which the General Direction of Administration and Judicial Career will provide the necessary logistics, and that it must be executed immediately.

The CPJ commissioned the Directorate General of Administration and Judicial Career to take the necessary actions with the purpose of concretizing the measures that are part of the National Plan against the Judicial Moor.

In addition, it provides that if the agenda for hearings is high, the corresponding court will be provided with the number of alternate judges necessary to ensure effective compliance with the measures set forth in the resolution of minutes number 001/2017

It is ordered that in no case should this provision be violated.
This decision seeks to reduce or eliminate delinquency, because there is a delay in knowing a file, since the courts, in criminal, civil and labor jurisdictions, are full of pending cases.

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