Brigade withdraws agricultural crops from Valle Nuevo National Park

Valle Nuevo, Constanta .- After 120 days of waiting, a brigade from the Ministry of Environment yesterday began the withdrawal of agricultural plantations Valle Nuevo that to date have not been dismantled by their owners.

In the early hours of the morning a crop of strawberries of the company Flores Antillanas, that is located in central part of the zone was intervened.

Peacefully and without objection from owner Miguel Crouch, Environment personnel were introduced to crops by removing plastics, wires and small pipes used in the production process.

This is a crop that surpasses the 50 tasks of land, according to the supervisors of the operation.

The intervention was performed to comply with Resolution 14-2016 issued by the Ministry of the Environment, which orders the cessation of agricultural and livestock activities in the area, due to its negative impact on water production for the Human consumption and crop irrigation in other parts of the country.

"We started here because it is a crop that is in the heart of Valle Nuevo and because of the large amount of plastics they use it generates a huge impact", said Julio César de los Santos, park administrator.

Continuous process

The operations to clear all plantations will be carried out gradually, but without interruption.
For today, with a group of 22 workers, it is planned to intervene another crop of strawberries belonging to Miguel Villamán, who runs the company Flores Purama.

These projects are located in the highest areas of the Juan Bautista Pérez Rancier National Park, which is the official name of the protected area.

From there the brigades will continue descending to other points where traditionally potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage and other agricultural products are grown.

Claim solution

In the El Castillo and Montellano communities, the peasants are not allowed to stop cultivating the area until they are offered "concrete alternatives."

The entrance to the first of these communities remained militarized yesterday in the face of threats from residents to continue planting.

Surrounded by dozens of producers, Ramón Frías, who claimed to have his whole life planted there, lamented that the authorities are executing the measure without "resolving the situation" they are going through

"What will I live on now if this is all I know," he said indignantly.

Strawberry cultivations of Valle New place where dozens of rivers of vital importance are born.

The same was said by Yani Bautista, 35, who called the Environment decision arbitrary.

Nolberto Batista, president of the Peasants' Block, said that the only proposal they have received from the Minister of the Environment, Francisco Domínguez Brito, is a salary of RD $ 7,500 so that they do not cultivate and support the entity in the conservation of the park .

"That's a joke, with seven thousand five hundred pesos, who lives.

From here no one takes us out until we have a solution. They will have to kill us, "he said as he was supported by dozens of peasants who yesterday gathered in the El Castillo community before the start of the clearing

The lands of that locality were ready and fertilized to begin the production cycle.

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