Government starts work in communities of Puerto Plata

SANTO DOMINGO .- The Ministry of Public Works initiated and continued this week in the province of Puerto Plata to the construction and reconstruction of various works Which were seriously damaged by torrential rains in November and December of last year.

The head of Public Works Cabinet Ramón Antonio Pepín cited among these works ten pedestrian bridges that intercommunicate different communities; Neighborhood roads, pipeline of the Bajabonico river; Repair of a section on the Navarrete-Puerto Plata highway, in the Llanos de Pérez community, which was damaged by the rivers.

Of the ten pedestrian bridges to be built, seven are located in the municipal district Rio Grande to the Middle, and three in the municipality of Altamira.

Pepin carried out an evaluation tour for the different works that are executed in that province, and which were ordered by President Danilo Medina.

During a meeting in which the provincial governor, Iván Rivera; The priest Juan Luis Diaz Bonilla; The mayor of Altamira, Fidencio Colón, as well as representatives of contractors,

Pepin anticipated that the reconstruction of these ten bridges and other works will be done in order of priorities.

Due to the calamity situation left by the rains, President Medina decreed the state of emergency in ten provinces of the Cibao, North and Northwest regions, including Puerto Plata, at the end of last year.

"We are here in the province of Puerto Plata, following instructions from President Danilo Medina, to come and evaluate the whole situation that was presented in Rio Grande and other communities, in order to begin the reconstruction works of pedestrian bridges and roads Neighborhoods that were affected by the last rains, "said Pepin.

While ensuring that the Ministry will build the ten pedestrian bridges and rebuild neighborhood roads that intercommunicate different communities, the official asked the residents in those places to "have the confidence that the friendly hand of President Danilo Medina is here Present. "

He said that in the municipality of Altamira some situations will be corrected for works that were damaged by the floods caused by overflowing rivers.

Pepin met with provincial and municipal authorities and with representatives of contractor companies, and gave instructions regarding the works that have been started and those that will be started soon.

The priest Juan Luis Díaz Bonilla, parish priest of Rio Grande al Medio, said that Public Works already did all the uprisings of the neighborhood roads to be intervened, while adding that "now I see that the thing is going to start , Point by point, and President Danilo Medina has been responding to the needs of the community. "

Among the communities included are Rio Grande Abajo, Los Picos, El Cumbí, Los Vencos, Los Chijos, Bobo Fish, Bajaboniquito, Los Féliz, Trejos, Rio Grande to the Middle, Rio Grande Mouth, Rio Grande Below, Los Llanos de Pérez, and others.

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