SANTO DOMINGO.- The priest Fray Santiago Bautista Guerrero criticized the date change of the anniversary of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte as "a mistreatment of the figure of the Father of […]"

The Homeland. "

The religious strongly reproached the congressmen for making such an important anniversary. He said that to continue mistreating this holiday date, the founder of Dominican nationality will be forgotten.

Baptist Guerrero recalled that Cardinal Nicolás de Jesus López Rodríguez delivered in the past a bill to amend Law 139-97 that seeks to rescue the return of the holiday of the celebration of Duarte Day on the same date in the calendar

"Never as now, there has been reign in the Dominican society the lack of patriotic conscience, it seems that some of our senators do not care about the health of the country," said the religious.

The priest assured that this indicates the little fervor that is had to the Country and perhaps they kneel before other sectors that do not like to see that the young people who pay honor to the Patricio and work in rescue of our values.

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