The caravan of the Licey stains blue the National District

Santo Domingo .- Thousands of fans, using any possible means of transport, congregated in the front esplanade of Quisqueya Stadium Juan Marichal la Afternoon of yesterday, from there to leave with players and managers to the great caravan of the Tigers of Licey, with which they celebrated the achievement of the crown in the newly completed Professional Autumn Winter Tournament 2016-17, dedicated to the immortal Of the Dominican sport Alejandro Asmar Sánchez (Chito)

The crowded march began at 4:20 p.m., led by team players aboard three buses decorated in a typical cane style style.

A great number of vehicles of all kinds left by the avenue Tiradentes to take the avenue John F. Kennedy, turning then in the south direction by the Maximum Gómez, to take the Malecón.

The slowness with which the parade moved, due to the stoppers and some disorganization, made to vary the original route that contemplated taking all the Kennedy and the Quincentennial and later to descend by the Josefa Brea.

From the Malecón, the route of the parade continued ascending the Abraham Lincoln Avenue to then arrive again at the starting point.

The colofón of the multitudinous activity put a great party for the fans and players, that included several orchestras, organized by the directive of the Tigers of the Licey, that presides Miguel Angel Fernandez.

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