San Juan, Puerto Rico .- Hirohito Torres Rodríguez, a Puerto Rican farmer and father of 42 children, was shot to death on Sunday. He was shot dead by a Puerto Rican father of 42 children of seven women.

At night in Maunabo, a town on the southeastern coast of the Caribbean island, reported the local police today
According to authorities, Torres Rodriguez, 83, was shot in different parts of his body.

SANTO DOMINGO.- The priest Fray Santiago Bautista Guerrero criticized the date change of the anniversary of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte as "a mistreatment of the figure of the Father of […]"

The Homeland. "
The religious strongly reproached the congressmen for making such an important anniversary. He said that to continue mistreating this holiday date, the founder of Dominican nationality

Los Angeles .- The scarce presence of Latino nominees at this year's Oscars reopened in the last days the debate about the lack of Latinos in Hollywood

Of Hispanic representation in front and behind the cameras.
The Academy of Hollywood announced last Tuesday to the candidates for the Oscars among which only figured as a Latin born in the United States,