-After two years of founding, the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) has managed to overcome all problems from its beginnings, becoming one of the most important political parties in the world.

First political opposition organization in the country.

The president of the PRM states that one of the battles they had was that of the ghost of reelection and the Dominican state.

PRM president Andrés Bautista explained that they still have great challenges, such as strengthening and creating their structures at the national level, as well as maintaining internal unity.

Bautista narrated that they had to cross a difficult road at the beginning, because they had to choose their presidential candidate and immediately work on conformation of the congressional and municipal ballots of 2016.

"Among these problems was the one that in the past process aspired many leaders, reason why they had to use several means to obtain the election of those leaders who would represent them in the elections of 2016."

He affirmed that they have arrived at two years of fight and work, after to have gone through 37 sentences against the faction that led Hipólito Mejía and Luis Abinader. To retake the control and discipline of the Modern Revolutionary Party, they had only to campaign separately and that is what is known today as the PRM

He stressed that despite having faced the state in the last elections, with a bipartisan Central Electoral Board, they obtained 35% of the votes that were counted. "There we see that we were telling the truth.

The fact that the PRD militants went to support the PRM is a sign that we defended the truth. "

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