Abortion and human dignity

Doctor, do you agree with the decriminalization of abortion?

I am of criterion that its decriminalization does proceed, but, with the regulations and exceptions indicated by the Executive Power to the newly Dominican Criminal Code. It is important to note that the Dominican Constitution rests on the firm foundation of "respect for human dignity". In that sense, any other fundamental right contained in the same Magna Carta must coincide with that foundation.

The Constitution itself establishes that "the dignity of the human being is sacred, innate and inviolable; Their respect and protection constitute an essential responsibility of the public authorities ". Now, do we ask whether becoming pregnant with a father, a brother, or grandfather would be something worthy for the woman? Is being forced to give birth to a fetus conceived by a rapist or abductor guarantees her dignity? In none of these cases the dignity of the woman is guaranteed if she does not wish to continue with such fertilization.

Jurists who maintain that the constitutional text does not provide exceptions to the inviolability of life by consecrating that "the right to life is inviolable from conception to death," and that consequently, the adjective law can not do so , Forget the very basis of that right invoked, which always will be, respect for human dignity.

For these reasons, we consider the modulations proposed by the Executive Branch for the interruption of pregnancy to be wise. Congress must approve them!

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