– The Colombian singer Shakira joined the chorus of voices against the migratory measures promoted by the president Shakira criticizes the migratory veto of Donald Trump and asks to be "vigilantes"

Of the United States, Donald Trump, and appealed to be "vigilant."

"The persecution of any group for religious or race reasons is illegal and unconstitutional in the United States. Point, "Shakira said in an open letter that can be seen today in the digital edition of Time magazine.

For the Colombian star, the proposal to veto the entry of citizens of seven countries is not only an attack on Muslims or refugees, but also "against all human beings, especially against those who need more protection."

"We must remain vigilant and not allow this type of hate message to spread or be rationalized under the argument of 'protecting our people'," denounced the also goodwill ambassador of UNICEF.

Shakira warned that if Muslims are allowed to discriminate, the same can happen to other minority groups, "either by closing the borders to allegedly dangerous groups or by trampling human rights in other ways."

"Muslims are 'our people'. They are human beings who have children, needs and dreams like the rest of us. Not all Muslims are terrorists and, therefore, not all terrorists are Muslims, "Shakira added.

The Colombian singer also insisted that Latinos "are our people" and do not go to the United States "to steal jobs", but to look for an opportunity to try to obtain a better life, something that, according to Country "has always boasted."

"We should not be differentiating any group by race, class or religion because according to the Constitution, it is irrelevant to their rights as citizens. Anyone who goes to the US And it raises its flag and defends its principles is 'our people'. "

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