– President Danilo Medina yesterday ordered the dissolution of the Dominican Corporations of State Enterprises (Corde) and the Commission of Reform of Corde and it cancels to its director

Santo Domingo. The Public Company (CREP).

He also canceled the appointment of Leoncio Almanzar as director of Corde.

The president entrusted this mission to a commission created yesterday by decree and that is made up of the legal consultant of the Executive Power, Flavio Darío Espinal; The director of the Ethics and Integrity Commission, Lidio Cadet; And the director of the Permanent Titling Commission, José Dantes

The decision of the president is in accordance with the recommendation made by the commission, made up of the people mentioned above, who investigated the sale by Corde of the lands where the Los Tres Brazos neighborhood stands.

The decree provides that the commission created will assume the financial and operational direction of Corde and CREP until the dissolution process is completed.

It will also have to draft a law for the transfer of the assets of these entities

In the decree issued by Medina establishes in article 4 the immediate disposition of the nullity request of sales of the lands where the Los Tres Brazos neighborhood is, which were sold by Corde to the company Inversiones Fernández Periche, a transaction that was Which was classified as irregular by the Commission investigating it.

CORDE employees

The decree also establishes that the human resources that work in Corde will be relocated in other dependencies of the Dominican State attending to their labor competencies.

The real estate of the dissolved entities will be transferred to the General Directorate of National Assets, reason why President Medina instructed to the Ministry of the Presidency to elaborate a proposal on its use in projects of social interest.

Business violated the Constitution

The commission appointed by President Danilo Medina in January to investigate the complaint of the sale of another 900 thousand meters in Los Tres Brazos, recommended to the president on January 31 not to recognize the commercial transaction, considering it Violating the Constitution and the laws of Capitalization and Public Function.

The same noted that the commercial agreement between the Dominican Corporation of State Companies and the company Inversiones Fernández Parache y Asociados (Infepa) was made under a "highly detrimental" commercial scheme for the State.

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