To paraphrase that "Manifesto" of Karl Marx one could say that a ghost is hanging over America: the ghost of Odebrecht

The giant Brazilian company has contaminated – and at one point "compensated" – everyone. Some naive could think that this was a Brazilian issue, a corruption plot of dimensions that is consistent with the size of the country, which could even lead to the imprisonment of ex-president Lula and the resignation of the current president Michel Temer

But it is not so; Odebrecht encompasses much more, no span of the American continent has been alien. His works and his business and "negotiated" have no borders.

In this expansion Lula helped a lot. There are those who affirm – and have published it – that the former president would be a shareholder of the company.

What is notorious, and irrefutable, is that Lula was a kind of ambassador, manager or 'lobbyist' of Odebrecht, and was benefited by this and not only to give lectures very well paid

Now that so many are those who collaborate, "sing" and betray while negotiating some years with justice – everything is negotiable, it seems – and they make the task easier for researchers, almost nobody escapes.

Many more jars are going to be uncovered, fortunately. Thus we will know how much of the benefits of the good winds that have blown in the last decade were "invested"

Decidedly, Odebrecht was the biggest beneficiary, and shared it with a good number of our rulers.

As always happens in these cases, many things will be known, but there will also be unfair "escraches" and enchastres and impunity for a few. At least for a time.

And there we have in Peru the ex-president Alejandro Toledo dodging borders, required (with reward and everything) for the justice of his country.

In Colombia, meanwhile, President Juan Manuel Santos, with the support of his government, rejects the version that was benefited by the Brazilian company.

In Venezuela, as things are happening in this country, the government throws Brazilian journalists who are investigating Odebrecht's businesses. (Great projects and investments and in times of the extinct Chavez, who always was to the embraces with Lula and successor.)

They throw out journalists while the ineffable Nicolás Maduro, who also wants to kick CNN, announces that he will support the investigations carried out by his government of the Odebrecht business. It seems like a joke, but let no one be surprised that those who appear to be mostly from the opposition.

Does anyone believe in such "investigations? Venezuela is a mystery. The day that "mystery" unravels, the scandal may be bigger than the 'Lava Jet' with Odebrecht together. How many of the sweet petrodollars that Chávez gave out touched the Brazilians? And how many more and on how many sides were distributed Chavismo dollars? All "involved" will appear when the Chavista regime ends.

Is that why there are so many who support or make fools and turn their faces in front of what happens in Venezuela?

And how to know the type of "transactions" in Cuba, with respect to the port of Mariel, by Odebrecht, which invested more than 900 million dollars and whose works were inaugurated and blessed by Lula and Dilma Rousseff ?

In Miami of course also Odebrecht had a foot. There was a time when she was questioned about having business in Cuba and therefore violating the "embargo."

However, Odebrecht was successful in its demands and continued to operate (which times). It would also be nice to know what happened.

It is important and positive that thieves are exposed. Let their names be known. There will be some injustices, no doubt.

In this game of delations and political management there will be much information and much misinformation and things that will remain hidden.

The borders will serve some to save themselves and for others they will be their undoing. In this aspect every day we see equal cases that in certain circumstances and places are applauded, celebrated and even rewarded, and in others they are punished as crimes against humanity.

This is a double discourse with which it is difficult to eradicate corruption, among many other things.

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