Cleaning habits that will make your life easier

Having the house cleaned in no time and without much effort, it is possible. With some changes in the routine you will notice the benefits.

Here are 10 cleaning habits that will make your life easier,

Tend the bed every morning . With this habit, even the most disorganized room may look tidy, it is advised in the magazine Real Simple . The clothes stacked in the basket or the layer of dust in the dressing room will be more disguised with this simple detail.

Open the refrigerator before taking out the trash . Before removing the trash bag, check the condition of the refrigerated food remains, and if necessary dispose of them. This way, the refrigerator will not have an unpleasant smell.

Let the cleaning products do their job. If you let the chemicals stand before removing grease, cleaning will be simpler. Prepare the surfaces with a multi-purpose atomizer and let it act for ten minutes before cleaning.

Clean the bathroom once a week . Constant maintenance will prevent the formation of mold and bacteria. In less than thirty minutes you can clean the sink, shower and walls. Then he mops the floor and sprays a cleaner in the mirror.

Place a silicone liner on the last rack of the oven . With this measure, you can forget the spots caused by drips or spills, and eliminate them easily.

Soak the pots and pans used before eating . Fill them with lukewarm soapy water and leave them in the sink while you eat, to expedite the subsequent washing.

Have a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner. This device will allow you to remove dirt effectively. If you have one in the basement, another in the garage and one more on each floor of the house, you can eliminate the dust quickly, as advised by the I nstituto de Limpieza Americano on your site Web.

Buy baskets of different sizes. To order toys, keys or remote controls. Thus, it will be visually ordered.

Quickly check the spaces before bed and accommodate a little. You'll love finding everything sorted the next day!

Source: Yahoo Life and Style

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