Before canceling their visa judges were summoned by the US Embassy

Santo Domingo. -Previously to cancel the visa, the US Embassy quoted to question the three judges who issued a sentence Annulling the trial in which the accused Winston Rizik Rodriguez was convicted of drug trafficking, money laundering and illegal possession of weapons.

Officials of the diplomatic legation initiated inquiries about the case as soon as the sentence was issued, requiring additional information from Dominican judicial authorities, due to an investigation by the National Directorate of Intelligence (DNI).

Judges Saulo Ysabel Díaz, Manuel del Socorro Pérez García and Rosaly Estefani Brito went individually to the headquarters of the US embassy after being requested. A judicial official commented to THE DAY that the magistrates "were not well treated" during the questioning ..

The United States Embassy in the country has reportedly not notified the Judicial Council (CPJ) of the decision against the magistrates.

Nevertheless, several jurists yesterday expressed their rejection before the measure of that nation, among them Candido Simón and Tomás Castro, and exhorted the CPJ to pronounce itself before the situation that seeks to censor the freedom of the judges.
Rizik Rodríguez escaped from a prison in Florida, USA, after being sentenced to eight years for drug trafficking.

In February 2009, the Supreme Court of Justice rejected an extradition request against that country, in addition to ordering the return of all its assets.

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