-The Attorney General of the Republic, Jean Alain Rodríguez, yesterday requested the president of the Chamber of Accounts, Hugo Álvarez Pérez, who requested that the Chamber of Auditors audit

Santo Domingo. That agency conducts a forensic audit of the operations carried out for the sale of the Los Tres Brazos lands in the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte, sold by the Dominican Corporation of State Enterprises (Corde).

In a meeting of both officials in the prosecutor's office, they coordinated the type of audit that the Public Ministry needs for the execution of investigative processes.

Alain Rodríguez said that the meeting was held within the framework of interinstitutional cooperation, in order to prepare files that are held in court and thus obtain convictions.

While Álvarez Pérez expressed that they seek to collaborate with the persecution of corruption so that the files sent from that inspection body arrive with a certain clearance and according to the requirements of the Public Ministry.

The Attorney General's Office was charged with the report of the commission investigating the sale of the land in Los Tres Brazos, which is why it is in the process of investigating real estate transactions involving parcels 153-A-1, 153-A -2, and 155 of Cadastral District No. 15.

After receiving the report of the investigating commission, President Danilo Medina ordered the lands of Los Tres Brazos to remain in the hands of the residents of the place, as well as the dissolution of Corde and the removal of its owner Leoncio Almánzar

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