Unthinkable to believe that the government, would waste the opportunity

Because … You do not need to praise God,

To act with ethics.

I do not seek to know the questions: I seek to know the facts.


Just as "love is born out of curiosity and endures by custom", in the same way and proceed, we have left, every four years, to carry on the fervent verb, pious lie, never ever, or abolition of Blur and new account, as well, the decires and actions of our politicians. We have become accustomed to them and apparently, instead of victims of their deceptions, we are already corpses without hope of a new return to life.

Today is a day without any inspiration. The mockery, according to many, has robbed us to the hope of believing or waiting for anything. The politicians continue their unkind actions and pretend of each side, entertain us with tricks that even children do not believe them. They intended to confuse us – for example – in the hope that the President would do what has never been done in relation to the latest corruption scandals, impunity and armor that have come to light lately, knowing, that – according to To a news titler – the country was expecting what was to be discussed in the famous speech of February 27, very knowingly, that it is established as an address by the First President to be held accountable Executed in the previous year.

It is well that many would expect something else, but not themselves if they were in power would have done so, for the simple reason, that the facts that have produced so many scandals do not depend on the Executive Branch, but on the Judicial Branch. It's that simple. They love to produce morbidity to incite the investigation of these facts, then protest then because they made a tollo to cover up the guilty, that is, stick if you bogas and stick if you do not bogas. With this, neither defense nor support, only that each thing has and takes time to do them as they should and must be.

Conscious as I am, I can say that the government, despite having violated the hopes of the people in most cases on corruption and rudeness, is made up of people who are extremely well trained and aware of the gravities that have been presented , They can not and will not risk protecting or shielding anyone who is in the mess of the famous Odebrecht and even more, I firmly believe that including the Super Tucanos will not waste the opportunity, which could be the last, The one that this town is offering to him in silver tray. To do otherwise would seriously undermine political suicide themselves.

It is impossible and they know it, pretend to continue embassing the problems, to minimize the realities without taking to the people the firm conviction of the government to vindicate, demonstrating the political will to throw to the bonfire of the shame to all those "unkind", known Even by the Chinese of Bonao. Like that of distracting attention with the increase of the Police, as if and only that, was the problem. If so, we will continue with the same Police from the next month when the increase in their daily living is not something new. I seriously consider that without the concentration of the police force, continuous and constant training in and with all that implies being a good police, we will continue with the same problem. Like the UASD, for example, no matter how many times the budget is increased, it will continue with the same disorder and inefficiency. Let's keep hope. Yes, sir!

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