A young Chinese man is horribly humiliated so that his girlfriend does not let him.

It is true that what is worth it costs work, but there are times that perseverance is confused with being stubborn, and when something is no longer one , It's best to let it go. That of fighting for love has its limits, and it seems that this young Chinese has not the slightest idea of ​​them.

This was recorded on one of the streets of China, where as people walked down the avenue, a young man literally crawled from his girlfriend's foot, or at least the one she was, since she moments before She had told him that it was not going to happen again. At the end of the relationship the young man refused to accept it, at least not in the best way, and tried, however, to make her change her mind. Although his methods are a bit humiliating.

The girl wanted to be free of him, and not to be his girlfriend, but after he told her only managed to get him to arrest more, and with cries and between cries, he grabbed with both hands to one of his Legs

The young man clutched so much that he even finished lowering the pantyhose she was wearing at the time, causing a rather painful scene, for both, and even for those who looked in the street.

He begged her not to leave him, but she would tell him that she would not humiliate her with such a scene, and not drag her with him, perhaps figuratively and literally, since the type Was not let go, and literally did not let her go, neither the street nor her life.

Perhaps he lacked the maturity to accept, or time, that it was not for him, and that if to be with her he must do these kinds of things, it was best to be alone. Let's hope they're all right, each one by their side.


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