Deaf Baby Hears the Voice of his Mom for the First Time and Has a Reaction That Will Melt You

The story of a deaf baby who first hears his mother's voice is moved by everyone in the world. Social networks have been filled with comments about the beautiful reaction he had when this happened.

This is Dawson Shull, only 10 months old. He was born in North Carolina in May of last year, unfortunately with a congenital disease that contracted when it was in gestation. Such evil caused serious damage to both ears, which degenerated into deafness.

From the moment of his birth his parents have looked for ways to help him. Multiple analyzes and tests were performed to see if an implant was feasible to make it possible to listen.

Now, after 10 months, thanks to an auditory implant the little Dawson managed to listen for the first time in his life, and the first thing he heard was the voice of his mother, who brought him to the world. This generated a magical and very poignant moment.

The shock the child felt at such an event was enormous, and he could not have another reaction to start crying, a mixture of emotions that took him to his mother's arms, listening to every word of love that she did not stop To tell you

Obviously this made everyone in the place cry, of course the baby's mother was the first to let her feelings out without limits, but even the doctor in charge of carrying the case could not restrain herself from crying.

The video has already gone around the world several times between social networks, since it is something that shows how beautiful life is, and how valuable it is to have each sense. Sometimes we do not value how amazing it is to be able to listen, and we should do it, every second of our lives.


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