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<p id= Let us imagine that we have, as consumers of marijuana, a favorite seed bank (for example, the Amnesia Haze), and that we have more or less clear whether in our city can be consumed, or is allowed to hold certain grams, Or if we can cultivate … This, which might seem like something to be easily safe, can be extremely complicated. But it is that in addition, nothing is what it seems in this subject, that defies all our stereotypes and prejudices, as it happens with any controversy that preks to be it. Problems related to cannabis are intricate because they have ramifications in pure and hard politics, health, economy (eg, taxes), security forces, international relations … The list would be endless. And if there are preexisting problems or tensions, the difficulties multiply. This happens in Spain in regions such as the Basque Country (who has the sovereignty to legislate on this issue? Basque or central government?), Or in North American states where, from one kilometer to another, we pass From an absolute permissiveness to hard and unforgiving punishments.

In Israel, a country where almost everything is political, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has announced a plan that would lead this country to the path of decriminalization. He affirms that every decision will be made considering the inevitable political consequences, but it moves definitively away from hard legislation to approach a policy of fines that could lead to the total decriminalization of playful use. The Minister has defined it as "decriminalization with responsibility", and has proposed to establish a "four warnings" policy. This system would fine the first two times to the violators (who carried more than 15 gr of marijuana), to the third would be taken a more coercive measure as withdrawal of the driving license or compulsory to carry out a rehabilitation program and only to the fourth They would initiate criminal proceedings.

It is clear that this is the way to de-stigmatize an entire sector (cannabis users in Israel, a figure that some extend to one million users) and also facilitates entrepreneurship and tax collection on a substance that Last term coexists with other legal since time immemorial.

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