Sell ​​your Olympic medals

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<h2 style= A great Soviet gymnast, Olga Korbut, sells her Olympic medals so as not to go hungry.

At age 61, and after 45 years of having achieved them, he is in need of selling his medals.

Olga Korbut impressed in her participation in the Olympic Games, both in Munich-72 and Montreal-76, which earned her six medals. In Munich was 17 years old, and achieved gold medal in soil, balance bar and team. It had a unique style, in asymmetric bars it obtained the silver with a new trick (korbut flip), prohibited later by too dangerous. It was the first to perform a mortal on the balance bar. It was known by the nickname "Minsk sparrow", measured 1.50 m. Of height.

He married a celebrity of Soviet song, and moved to live in the United States in 1991.

But, Korbut, not only sells his Olympic medals, but also, has been forced to sell more sports memorabilia. He has gotten rid of other trophies, competition nets, magazines with his autograph, etc.

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