Porses for Donald Trump

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<p style= That Trump's choice has been a commotion in the world is a no-brainer, and the responses to this commotion have come from everywhere and represent an enormous breadth of postures. One of the most striking has been the initiative of the Marijuana Coalition of the District of Columbia. Can we talk about OG Kush and the new president in the same sentence? We can. This association intends to distribute 4,200 porros in the inauguration of Donald Trump that will take place next January 20 in Washington.

The message that they intend to make with this campaign is basically to implement a reform that finally legalizes this substance at the federal level and allows its consumption for both medical and recreational reasons. This already happens in states like Colorado but is still far from being a uniform reality in this country.

Contrary to what might seem, it is not a boycott or a critical protest act of the president-elect, since they affirm that many followers of Trump that support this movement in favor of the legalization.

In spite of everything, the act itself is not exempt of risk since smoking in the National Mall (place in which the investment of the new president will be celebrated) is strictly prohibited. Eidinger, a spokesman for the association, said that attendees who receive the joint "can go home and smoke it while they watch the speech on television or they can choose to commit an act of civil disobedience and smoke in the Mall to protest."

Clearly, and as always happens with this subject, half of the work is done thanks to the controversy that is unleashed as soon as someone names this millenarian plant and that has given rise to countless debates. That there are people smoking marijuana among the public will be one of the countless things that half the world will be pending that day so marked.

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