Asteroid rain could end the Earth

 rainfall-meteorites Precipitation of asteroids could end the Earth "</p>
<h1 style= Scientists predict that a shower of asteroids could kill the Earth ahead of schedule

The star Gliese 710, as it passes through the Solar System, could cause an unprecedented catastrophe, triggering a great meteor shower on Earth, due to the great gravitational force of this star.

This tremendous fall of meteorites on the earth's surface would be within 1.35 million years.

This star is 64 light years from Earth, but its passage on the edge of the solar system, where a spherical cloud full of icy rocks, would give rise to a shower of comets towards our planet

These studies and calculations have been done previously, but the present ones, predict that the distance, and therefore, the time are smaller, reason why the rain of asteroids will advance to the studied thing time ago. ]

This event will be the most important in the history of the Solar System, but as the danger is not imminent, we hope that humanity will find a solution to deflect this meteor shower that will come to us.

Study published in the journal "Astronomy & Astrophysics"

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