They design a building hung from an asteroid

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<h2 style= A group of architects design a building hung from an asteroid, floating on Earth.

They had already won a NASA contest to create a house on Mars.

This building, named Analemma Tower would be hung from an asteroid by a super structure, floating in the air. Its initial location would be in New York City.

It would be necessary to put in the terrestrial orbit a great asteroid, to more than 50,000 km. Of our planet. From this asteroid would leave a series of very long wires of which the building would be hung a short distance from the terrestrial surface. The construction of the skyscraper would already be done in the same cables. The top of the tower would be about 35,000 km from the ground.

Although the design is seen floating over New York, this mega structure would not have a fixed situation, but it would be moving . At first it is thought that its ideal place of construction would be in Dubai, already habituated to realize great skyscrapers.

The Analemma Tower, the hanging building, would travel the world, following a path in the form of 8, following the orbit of the Earth. I would spend every 24 hours for the same point.

At the bottom of the building offices would be placed, above an agricultural part, in the upper part residential area and above all a part with funerary structure.

Given all this, the great doubt assaults us, how will you access this great building how to enter and exit ?. Or is it that those who go there, stay there?

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