They find Jules Verne's time box

 Jules Verne's time capsule Find Jules Verne's time box "</p>
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<h2 style= They find in the French Pyrenees a box of the time that could be of Jules Verne.

A team of archaeologists study its contents, with documents and objects of the famous writer.

(1828-1905) is one of the most renowned writers in the world, considered the father of science fiction literature . For this reason, this discovery, if possible, takes more interest and mystery to what this box of time, known as "capsules of time" may contain within it.

A group of archaeologists and historians have found in the region of Occitania, in the French Pyrenees, a metallic box from the end of the 19th century. They have been helped for this discovery of drones and a penetrating radar . This work began with the analysis of different passages of the works of Jules Verne and his grave.

An X-ray test has already been carried out in which it has been possible to observe that in the interior there could be documents, books and metallic objects of different sizes and shapes. On the outside of the box are also engravings, almost illegible, given the deterioration of this box of time, due to the humidity of the ground.

It is expected that in the coming months the work of research results, and inform us of their content, and whether it had really belonged to Verne or any person close to him. What is certain is that we are before a window into the past .

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