Voices that make themselves heard

 Therapeutic cannabis Voices that make themselves heard </p>
<p style= If we talk about CBD oil maybe not everyone can say with certainty that we are talking about marijuana. More and more acronyms (which are usually the initials of cannabinoids), associations, seed varieties and a tangle of rules seem to blur and at the same time to magnify the subject of the legalization of this substance. To give an example, CBD oil is not psychoactive and is usually used in medical treatments, while THC, another cannabioid, is responsible for the psychoactivity we normally associate with cannabis. As for the regulations, if they have something in common across the globe, it is the lack of unity and the difficulty to understand what can and can not be done in terms of quantities, buying but not cultivating, medicinal consumption and how to prove it, and a Long and so on. In Spain, some municipalities have legislated looser regulations while others leave the issue in a fog whose consequences are the lack of protection of the consumer and expenses that could be eliminated in punitive and tax collection issues.

Recently, the Cantabrian Parliament has unanimously approved the regulation of therapeutic cannabis. This measure has been driven mainly by the parliamentary spokesman of the Popular Party Eduardo Van Den Eynde, who has been suffering from cancer for years and has recognized the use of medicinal cannabis to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, with special Attention to " the state of mind (perhaps this last aspect, which is least considered, but, without a doubt, the most devastating) ".

This parliamentary initiative aims to regulate the legal and technical specifications for the controlled cultivation of cannabis and its subsequent medicinal use, with the necessary levels of quality and safety. This is not trivial, since one of the worst parts of this lack of regulations has to do with the lack of traceability and information to which patients and users are exposed, especially in situations of vulnerability and vulnerability.

well beyond the teenage topic of recreational use.

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