Human figure in the sky of Zambia

 strange figures Zambia Human figure in the sky of Zambia "</p>
<h2 style= This human figure that we see in the image has been able to photograph in the sky of Zambia.

The figure had long limbs ending in tip, was similar to the shadow of a human being.

This apparition has been in the sky for about 30 minutes, and had a length of 100 meters.

Numerous witnesses, because it was visible for a long time, could see and photograph this mysterious human figure in the sky of Zambia, in Africa. This surprising fact provoked reactions of all kinds:

"Some began to worship him and others fled. It was very strange "

There are opinions for all tastes, which ensure that it was a magical and real event, and those who assert that it was a montage. They even look similar to some characters in the Harry Potter film series.

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