Find your girlfriend with another in bed

 Find your girlfriend with another "width =" 656 "height =" 400 "/> Find your girlfriend with another in bed and make a Selfie. </h2>
<h3 style= He made some pictures of his unfaithful wife and his lover, and uploaded them to facebook.

This peaceful reaction made him famous.

We all know the famous and dramatic scene that can become the man who returns from work to his house and finds his wife with another in bed. At the very least, it usually ends in a monumental scuffle or a great fight, and in the most extreme cases, even in a couple of shots.

But the amazing news that we bring today, is neither one nor the other. The reaction of this 23 year old Texas man has become viral, and has made him famous. To the young Duston the first thing that happened to him in the head was "to kick in the butt of the other one", but it calmed down and it changed of idea. He made several pictures of her in bed while they slept, including a selfie. And all that stuff uploaded it to your facebook with this message:

"When you get home and find another man in bed with the woman you love! Good men deserve good women. "

This story became viral, and the young man has received hundreds of messages of support and admiration, and his " friends " on social networks rise like foam. He comments " that we should forgive ", who sees " this situation as a lesson and not as a reason to hurt more than necessary ", Fans around the world, but the only fan who cares is his son . "

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