Lands at the most useless airport in the world

 Most useless airport "

<h2 style= A plane lands for the first time at the most useless airport in the world

Built on the island of St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean

In May 2016 an airport was inaugurated on the island of Santa Elena, in the South Atlantic, it was soon known as the most useless airport in the world. They have built it on a cliff with large bursts of wind, where landing is quite a feat. Now it has made the first airplane, the Avro RJ85, with 60 passengers on board.

Its construction cost the United Kingdom an expense of EUR EUR 336 million [EUR. This first trip consisted of leaving from South Africa, and the arrival in Santa Elena. The operation was carried out by the South African airline SA Airlink.

The local authorities now consider the option of to create a regular line which links the island with the mainland, and thereby attract more tourists to this British island.

This island is famous because served as a prison in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, due precisely to its remoteness and difficult access. It was here that Napoleon spent his last years imprisoned, until he died.

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