The largest cat in the world

 bigger cat "

<h2 style= This could be the biggest cat in the world with 1 meter and 20 centimeters in length.

And with 14 kilos of weight is waiting to enter the Book of Records Guiness.

Omar, is the name of this monstrous feline, which can be considered the biggest cat in the world. He also has other records, such as that of the more than 50 thousand followers he has in his instagram account.

At 3 years old, it measures 1.20 meters and weighs 14 kilos, as indicated in The Sun. The cat Omar lives in Melbourne with his owner, but does not sleep in his bed, it seems to be, that demanded that he was caressing all the time. Now his place to spend the nights is the living room sofa.

The animal that holds the title of biggest cat of the world in book Guinness of the Records is in Great Britain, with a measurement of 118,33 cm.

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