Police arrested three teenagers who raided a cell phone shop last Sunday in Santo Domingo, where they stole 40 of those devices, 25 of which were stolen.

Were recovered, and whose fact was registered by the local security cameras.

The prisoners are Anthony Junior Deñó Méndez, 18; Leisland Jesús Mora Molina, 19, and Jefry Suero Ramírez, 18.

The assault occurred in a cell phone store located in the Ozama extension, whose owner pitched the criminals who managed to escape in a Honda Fit car.

Mendez was arrested and his mother returned 22 of the stolen cell phones and a nine-millimeter Smith and Wesson pistol used to commit the assault

According to the police, Mora Molina admitted to having participated in the event and his mother also voluntarily surrendered to the police investigators a Bryco brand gun, caliber nine millimeters, also used to commit the fact.

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