Police arrested three teenagers who raided a cell phone shop last Sunday in Santo Domingo, where they stole 40 of those devices, 25 of which were stolen.

Were recovered, and whose fact was registered by the local security cameras.

The prisoners are Anthony Junior Deñó Méndez, 18; Leisland Jesús Mora Molina, 19, and Jefry Suero Ramírez, 18.

The assault occurred in a cell phone store located in the Ozama extension, whose owner pitched the criminals who managed to escape in a Honda Fit car.

Mendez was arrested and his mother returned 22 of the stolen cell phones and a nine-millimeter Smith and Wesson pistol used to commit the assault

According to the police, Mora Molina admitted to having participated in the event and his mother also voluntarily surrendered to the police investigators a Bryco brand gun, caliber nine millimeters, also used to commit the fact.

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SANTO DOMINGO .- The director of the Institute of Price Stabilization (INESPRE), Jorge Zorrilla Ozuna, along with civilian and military officials, has been working to improve the quality of the services provided by the company.

Deposited a floral offering in the Altar of the Homeland, to pay tribute to the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte, on the occasion of the 204th anniversary of his birth, the 173 years of National Independence

Santo Domingo .- Police yesterday arrested a man in flagrante delicto in a commercial establishment in the kilometer yesterday in the municipality of Santo Domingo West

Santo Domingo 13 of the Duarte highway, trying to buy different items for RD $ 90,000.00, using cloned credit cards.
Juan Carlos García Alayon, was arrested by members of the Department of High

Santo Domingo. – Director Hasn García has again put his finger on the sore of the Dominican youth with his recent film "The Voice of the Street" reveals the hidden message of the neighborhood

Voices of the street. "
A drama where misery, drugs, corrupt cops and few opportunities are mixed again to give a lesson of life to three young people who resist doing bad things to get out of poverty.

SANTO DOMINGO .- The Senate this afternoon chose Hugo Francisco Álvarez as the new president of the Chamber of Accounts and Pedro Ortiz Hernández, as the new President of the Chamber of Accounts

Vice president.
Likewise, Carlos Noel Tejada Díaz was chosen as secretary, while as members he proposed to Pablo Domingo del Rosario and Felix Álvarez Rivera.
The new members of the Chamber of

– The teaching stop called by the professors of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) is fulfilled in its capacity as a teacher of the University of Santo Domingo.

About 200,000 students attended this Tuesday at the beginning of the semester, but could not receive the teaching because teachers have decided to go on strike for a 15% increase.

SANTO DOMINGO.- The priest Fray Santiago Bautista Guerrero criticized the date change of the anniversary of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte as "a mistreatment of the figure of the Father of […]"

The Homeland. "
The religious strongly reproached the congressmen for making such an important anniversary. He said that to continue mistreating this holiday date, the founder of Dominican nationality

SANTO DOMINGO .- With two days to go before the deadline for the eviction of Valle Nuevo, the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, the Ministry of the Environment goes through Valle Nuevo

Francisco Domínguez Brito, visited different communities of the National Park Juan Bautista Perez Rancier on Friday and talked with the people who live there
During the tour he listened to his concerns