Puerto Rico .- The First Collegiate Court of the Judicial District of Puerto Plata condemned yesterday the sentences of 30, 10 and 5 years of imprisonment against people involved in American death in Cabarete

30, 10 and 5 years in prison respectively to three citizens, including a lawyer, after being found guilty of participating in the disappearance and subsequent death of an American investor in a criminal

PUERTO PLATA .- The Second Collegiate Court of the Judicial District of Puerto Plata has imposed 15 years of imprisonment on a woman who has been convicted of murdering his landlord and his son Puerto Plata

And his son accused of allegedly planning the murder of the wife's husband, Plinio Miguel Morales Martinez (Diogenes), 69, and his son Job Morales Núñez, just 14 years old.
The conviction was

The Cardinals of San Luis and the Dominican right Carlos Martínez announced a extension of contract of 51 million dollars and five years that includes two options of the equipment that could keep him in the direction of the cardinals and Dominican Carlos Martínez they agree for $ 51 million

The club until 2023.
The contract includes a bonus and salary of $ 4.5 million this season and $ 11.5 million over the next four years, a person familiar with the agreement told The Associated Press.

-After two years of founding, the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) has managed to overcome all problems from its beginnings, becoming one of the most important political parties in the world.

First political opposition organization in the country.
The president of the PRM states that one of the battles they had was that of the ghost of reelection and the Dominican state.
PRM president